Panel Upgrades

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When it comes to home improvements installing a new electrical panel might be the last thing you’re thinking about but they do have a lifespan and your may be in need of an upgrade. Moreno Valley Electricians provide homeowners with the expert feedback they need for problems that occur with panels and how they should be upgraded to protect the electrical appliances in your home.

Your electrical panel is the method by which all your power is directed into each part of your home and broken down into circuit breakers. They can be very sensitive to changes in uses of power and if your panel is supplying insufficient electricity you are in need of an upgrade to protect your home from power surges and possible electrical fires.


Prevent Burning Odors and Fires

Neglecting your electrical panels can cause a great deal of damage in our home and if you have to make needed upgrades you can have the constant odor of burning wires that will eventually lead to issues of electrical fires. This can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.

You should be aware of the warning signs and have your service panel inspected and upgraded to ensure that it is capable of operating safely and efficiently for the electrical loads you place upon with your appliances. When you notice notice signs, it is vital that you take care up panel upgrades immediately. Issue of burning smells and flickering lights are a sure sign that trouble is afoot for your service panel.


Faulty and Old Wiring

When you are in an older home and you have never upgraded wiring, it can be one of the major causes for home fires. Looking at the nightly news will tell you that older homes are at great risk when wiring has not be upgraded to accommodate the load that many new appliances carry. Oftentimes, old wiring is not able to meet the standards that newer appliances require to operate safely  and you also face  issues of wiring deteriorating due to age.

Upgrading your service panel will provide the opportunity to upgrade your wiring so that you no longer face issue of flickering lighting or burning odors or the risk of shocking yourself when you touch any of your electrical appliances.


Protection for New Appliances

In older homes you are likely risking inefficient operation of your new equipment when you do not upgrade your electrical panel. Heating, air condition units, washing machines, dryers and other major pieces of equipment require a great deal of energy to operate and when your panel was not built to accommodate the power usage you are likely endangering your property.

Why Hire Us

Small appliances are not typically a problems but when you make big purchases that require a great deal of power to operate your energy bills will be affected as well as the capacity of your electric panel and you require a professional electrician to provide you with an inspection and appropriate upgrade of your panel to keep your home safe. Moreno Valley Electricians is here to ensure that you have the correct panel upgrade for an efficiently operating household.

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