Surge Protection

This is a picture of a surge protection.

Power surges are a fact of life in our environment and they best we can do it ensure that our appliances and our homes are protected when they happen. To do otherwise can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs from the damage done by lightening storms, power lines that have fallen and damaged wiring that you may now have know existed in your home.

When these issues occur, whether they are natural phenomenon or due to accidents and negligence, you need a professional electrician service that has the deep experience and skills to correct the problems so that you no longer experience the effects of power surges. Moreno Valley Electrician  conducts surge protection in homes that ensure safety and efficiency.


Save Money

In the long run you will find money spent of surge protection is worth far more than leaving your home vulnerable to power surges. Using a system wide surge protection system saves money on purchase of new appliances. Power surges can severely damage you lighting fixtures, major appliances like microwaves, refrigerators and air conditioning units.

These are items that are typically vital for most homeowners and when you have to buy them again well before the end of their guarantee or lifespan it can be a great waste of money and an expense that could have been avoided had you installed entire home surge protection.


Protect Appliances and Electronics

Power surges zap though major appliances and electronics and cause they to break down with no hope of repair. In some cases you can lost vital information and records for you and your family. With surge protection you can avoid the drama of having to purchase new major equipment and appliances. It’s a great expense that can often be unexpected and cause your pockets to be drained.

Many appliances and electronics just cannot handle powerful surges and after they zip through circuits of the appliance they are often completely ruined and irreparably damaged. But you can avoid these issues when your call upon the surge protection of Moreno Valley Electricians.


Prevent Fire Damage

Sadly property damage is an all too common result of power surges. We have all seen reports and heard stories of electrical fires that have totally destroyed homes and even lives of loved ones, friends, and neighbors. Appliances can be destroyed but so can an entire house from an out of control electrical fire. This is why surge protection is so critical when you have new major appliances.

Power so often surges and it is out of our control and we must create the best strategies possible to protect our homes and our material items as well as our lives.  A home wide surge protection plan and installation is the best possible strategy you can employ to for protection.

Why Hire Us

We can help you minimize the damage from power surges by installing whole house surge protection systems. It’s never easy to project when a power surge will happen particularly when it is one caused by nature, but you will have the benefit of peace of mind knowing that our solutions can prevent damage when surges do occur.

Our surge protection system installation provides far better protection that normal plug in variety and we provide excellent feedback for how clients can further protect themselves and reduce property damage. Moreno Valley Electricians is the leading electrician service in Murieta, CA and you can rely on us for our deep knowledge of all residential electrician issues.

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