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Every part of your home has a lifespan and needs attention when it’s near the end of working. In some cases you may even need to replace equipment before that lifespan ends if it has been worked above its capacity to perform safely. This is often the case with home wiring. Though wiring has the ability to last approximately 20 years, your home may need to be re-wired before this time if you have an older home and you are beginning to add more and more new appliances that demand more of the wiring.

Safety is the number one concern of Moreno Valley Electricians and we perform wiring that protects you and your home from poor performance, high utility bills and electrical fires that can so easily happen when wiring is insufficient.


Professional Inspection

You may think it’s a drastic solution to re-wire your entire home and this is why it is critical to hire a professional electrician to provide detailed information for accuracy and safety. We provide valuable inspection service to homeowner to determine how extensive new wiring should be to keep you and your family safe. We will inspect and provide you with a detailed plan of action to re-wire your entire home at an affordable cost so that when you are adding new appliances that require more power, you will have the peace of mind that no harm will come to your home.

We can upgrade your entire system to also include better outlets that are less functional into a better outlet such as in the case of two pronged outlets becoming three pronged or installing outlets that also include the ability to charge digital and electronic equipment.


Protect Your Equipment

Your home is a valuable investment and so are your appliances. Though they have a lifespan, they may not last due to power surges and poor wiring in your home. If you are keen to protect both your home and all of your appliances as well as electronic devices, it is advisable that an inspection as well as a complete re-wiring of your home is conducted if your home is found to be at risk. You can provide far better protection for your and your family as well as your possessions when you conduct a full re-wiring.

Don’t waste time on regrets when you’re standing in front a destroyed appliance or home due to defective wiring and delays in re-wiring. You can avoid this pain and stress by hiring us to conduct knowledgeable and efficient inspection so that you can protect your home and your equipment to the fullest of your capabilities.

Safe Renovations

When you are conducting a renovation it is very common that your contractor will not move any further in construction without properly ensuring that your home is re-wired according to industry standards. This ensures that your home is safe and that your appliances will operate efficiently without the fear of electrical fires, shortages and preventable power surges.

If you are working with a contractor that is willing to conduct work without these practices,  you could very well be risking your property investment and serious bodily harm to yourself and anyone entering your home.


Why Hire Us

We provide excellent wiring service for your entire home, no matter how large or small the abode. As the leading electrician in Moreno Valley, CA we are very proud of our reputation and high quality of workmanship. When you are seeking a master electrician near Moreno Valley, CA we can assist you with all of your electrical re-wiring needs to ensure that your home is safe and running efficiently.

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